Parish Pastoral Council


President - Father John Newman

Chairman - Adam Tomlinson

Secretary - Kathy Walford




Bernard Walford

Deborah Welch

Mary-Jane Murray

Greg Lodge

Ann Robertshaw

Anita Lewis



The next meeting of St. Joseph’s PPC is on Thursday 25th October, if you have anything you would like the council to discuss please let either Father John, Adam Tomlinson or Kathy Walford know in advance.  









The meeting began at 7.00 p.m.  There were 14 parishioners present, including members of the PPC and Father John Newman, Parish Priest.


  1.  CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME was given by the Chair, Adam Tomlinson:


    1.  “First of all a very warm welcome to the AGM of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Tadcaster.  St Joseph’s wouldn’t run as efficiently as it does without the help of a team of people who give their time right across the year; those who help with the liturgy, teas and coffees, cleaning and decorating the church, people who give their expertise and knowledge in administration and finance, the production of the weekly bulletin, and providing the music at Mass - it all takes time, something that is quite a rare commodity these days, and on behalf of the Parish, thank you.  
    2.  This has been an interesting and challenging year for parishioners here at St Joseph’s, as we have now shared our Parish Priest with St Edward’s at Clifford for over a year. Father John has been parish priest for both churches since Easter last year, and credit must go to the way in which he has taken on the shared role. Credit must also go to our parishioners for the way in which the changes here have been accepted. We lost our Saturday Mass, and Sunday Mass is now early.  Father John wasn’t able to officiate at Christmas Eve, and our Midnight Mass at Christmas made way for the one at St Edward’s. We are hopeful that this Christmas it will be “our turn” to have Fr John at Christmas Eve and for Midnight Mass to be here at St Joseph’s.  Our council met with the council from St Edward’s during the year and, it was noted with great appreciation from St Edward’s, the way in which St Joseph’s has accepted and dealt with the changes. We shall be meeting with the council from St Edward’s regularly. 
    3.  One of the important parts of the year in the parish is the receiving of children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and this year we have seen 5 children taking First Holy Communion, and only last Sunday we saw 7 young people receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.  
    4.  As ever, we have taken an active role led by Fr John, in the Churches Together in Tadcaster, and this year we have taken part in Lenten talks and the Walk of Witness on Good Friday.  There have been other functions too, such as the dawn service on Easter Sunday. St Joseph’s hosted a Nine Lessons and Carols just before Christmas and we like to think that this is open to all in the town.  
    5.  The school continues to thrive under the leadership of the Head, Mary Young and her team, and we’ll hear from Mary a little later.  
    6.  Looking ahead, and next year promises to be very special as 2019 sees the 150th anniversary of the opening of our church, and we aim to mark this anniversary in some style. As you’ll no doubt be already aware, we are raising funds to install a new stained glass window in the church to mark this anniversary, and fund raising events are already underway. We are hopeful that the Bishop will come to officiate at the Anniversary Mass  
    7.  Part of these celebrations was to reinstate the Angelus Bell. As you’ll have heard, that has already been achieved and is ringing already. The intention was to have it working so we could join in with the national bell ringing to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.  Thanks to Deborah Welch and the fund raising team, we’ve been able to do that way ahead of schedule. I’m sure you’ll agree that it sounds wonderful.
    8.  And that leads me to thank Deborah and her fund raising team for really hitting the ground running, getting funds in from all sorts of areas in a very short space of time, and I’ll leave Deborah to provide more detail of that later on, but thank you to all of you for your support so far.  
    9.  And finally, once again, thanks to you for the work you do in the parish, and particular thanks to those on the Pastoral Parish council, we are particularly looking forward to the year ahead.”
    10.  Thanks were extended to Adam.


 APOLOGIES were received from Greg Lodge.



  1.  MINUTES of the AGM held on 08 June 2017 were proposed by John Notley, seconded by Bernard Walford and signed by Adam Tomlinson as a true copy.



    1.  (13.01 Crèche) – This was discussed at the PPC meeting following the 2017 AGM when it was agreed that there is not room for this at the back of church for this to take place, nor is it possible to hold a crèche in the parish room without properly trained and accredited parishioners willing to run it.
    2.  (13.03 Visit to the Bar Convent Exhibition, York) – attended by a party of parishioners.



  1.  CHAIR’S REPORT – See Point 1



  1.  PARISH FINANCE REPORT (Anita Lewis):


    1.  Anita circulated year end accounts for St Joseph’s, Tadcaster for the year ending 31 March 2018.  Total Receipts amounted to £63,538.00, Total Payments amounted to £43,579.00 and the Total Surplus amounted to £19,959.00.
    2.  Thanks was extend to Anita.



7.01 Deborah reported that the idea for a separate committee to start fundraising for this event began in July 2017.  Ideas focused around getting the Angelus Bell working again, stained glass in the remaining window at the back of church and an art work in the church, for which Deborah initially collected fund raising information and has subsequently submitted 14 applications to various trusts on our behalf.

7.02 Funding raising events started in the New Year and on 6 January a social evening / Parish Conversation took place and the first event – a Parish Social Evening was organised and took place on the 17 March.  Since then a Music & Poetry Evening was held on 5 April and then on 4 May, parishioner, John Rayne-Davis spoke about his new book during a Wine & Cheese Party.  On Sunday, 20 May, after our Confirmation Mass there was a Parish Bake-Off.

7.03 The next event is The Bishopthorpe Bimble (a 4 or 8 mile walk) with lunch at The Ship Inn at Acaster Malbis.  At the end of June (29th) the Mini Vinnies are hosting Afternoon Tea in the parish room.  There will also be a stall at the Tadcaster Carnival on Sunday 22 July and there are plans for a race night later on in the year.

7.03 The Angelus Bell is already fixed and being rung with the aid of a £1,000.00 grant from the All Churches Fund.  The bell will take part in the ringing of church bells to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War in 1918 in November – Battles Over, Ringing Out for Peace.  Greg Lodge has kindly written a short piece for the next Tadcaster magazine.

7.04 With regard to a new stained glass window, a meeting has taken place (on 4 May) with a potential artist – Helen Whittaker from the Barley Studio based near York. Helen is very keen to have as many ideas as possible which she will then interpret into a design for us, initially a pencil drawing which we can give her feedback on and then she would proceed to a final design.

7.05 It has been suggested by Father John that the new window could be installed towards the front of the church, near the font, to give it more prominence and the coat of arms window moved to the back of the church to the window nearest the organ, though this will bear and additional cost.  The Tyburn Trust have indicated that they would be interested in supporting the window installation and could donate another sum in the region of £1,500.00 in return for the inclusion of the Knights of St Columba logo being included in the design.

7.06 The design will need to be approved by the Diocesan Art, Architectural & Heritage Committee and the next meeting is on 13 September and the design and proposals would need to be submitted for consideration by 29 August.  Helen Whittaker has worked with the AAH Committee before and is familiar with their procedures and expectations.  The installation date would (potentially) be August 2019.

7.07 The quote for the window is £14,500.00 plus VAT and from that an initial design fee of £1,000.00 will need to be paid to the artist and we will also need to make a deposit of approximately 30% once we proceed with a firm commission and we are happy with the design.  It is important to acknowledge that parish funds will be required in the first instance to support the next step in the process.  Fundraising will be ongoing.

7.08 At the Parish Conversation held in January, parishioners’ views were mixed as to whether to proceed with the installation of a stained glass window.

7.09 Deborah ended by saying that she has a meeting arranged with the Diocesan Grant Co-ordinator, Bradley Sanderson.

7.10 Thanks were extended to Deborah for all her sterling work on behalf of the fund-raising committee.



8.01 Gift Aid donations were based on 52 live records and shown on the year end accounts under assessable income.

8.02 The payment received for 2017/18 was £1,918.18 up to December 2017.  In addition, based on £9,000.00 from the loose plate, we were paid back £1,900.00, for which no evidence is required by the Revenue.

    1.  Thanks were extended to Anita.



9. ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL REPORT (Mary Young, Head Teacher)

9.01 Mrs Young began by thanking us for the invitation to the AGM of St Joseph’s parish, and said that she feels privileged to be Head Teacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School as it is a very special place with dedicated staff who work hard to raise attainment and offer our pupils the highest quality education, whilst nurturing spiritual growth.


9.02 There are currently 63 children in school organised into three classes:

    •  Class 1 has 22 children organised as EYFS (13) / Y1 (9)
    •  Class 2 has 22 children organised as Y2 (7) / Y3 (15)
    •  Class 3 has 19 children organised as Y4 (8), Y5 (5), Y5 (6).


    1.  Four Year 6 pupils are going to All Saints’ Catholic High School, one pupil is going to St John Fisher Catholic High School and the remaining pupil is going to Tadcaster Grammar School.  All Year 6 children are participating in transition activities at their new schools in July.   St John Fisher have invited our Year 5 pupils to a taster day in June and Y5 are participating in a choir for the SJF 60th Anniversary celebrations, which will culminate in a concert at Harrogate Theatre on 26 June.
    2.  We have excellent transition arrangements in place for children joining us in EYFS from St Joseph’s pre-school and other settings and children/families are invited every week in June.  We are holding a new parents’ evening on 6 June.
    3.  In September we will have 69 pupils, as six Y6 children are leaving and twelve EYFS children joining us.  Governors are committed to keeping the best possible staff pupil ratio, whilst managing budgets in these challenging financial times and we have increased our intake from ten to twelve in Reception.


9.06 We have positive links and share resources with St Joseph’s Pre-school and other settings, and we will continue to build good relationships to promote our school.  We have been running weekly phonics sessions for our new pupils since April 2018.  Our EYFS/Y1 teacher also visits other pre-schools to meet new pupils.


    1.  We have a strong and stable governing body and during this academic year we have been well supported by our governors.  The governing body includes the Chair of Governors, Mrs Mary-Jane Murray, myself and seven Foundation Governors, two Parent Governors, a Local Authority Governor and a Teacher Governor.  We have a new Associate Governor who we hope will become a Foundation Governor in the coming academic year.  The Governors are active to provide both challenge and support to the school and they played a vital role in our Section 48 Inspection, where we achieved ‘Good’ with outstanding features.
    2.  One of our Governors is very active in gaining grant funding for our school.  This has enabled us to develop our front entrance by installing a mosaic and seating area and we are currently completing a Prayer Garden in our playing fields, which is funded by grants raised by Deborah Welch.


    1.  We have an enthusiastic and committed team of teachers and support staff.  Miss Fry continues to teach Class 1 full-time, supported by Miss Vicky Butler-Ellis.  During this academic year Miss Fry has developed her role as English leader and undertaken moderations for NYCC, as part of middle leadership training.  Miss Butler-Ellis is now running our after school care, covering PPA and continue to provide pastoral support as our PSHE leader.
    2.  Miss Laura Pitchers teaches Class 3, supported by Mrs Rachel Ranby five mornings per week and there is additional part-time support from Mrs Clare Axtell (a new member of staff).  Miss Pitchers is our Maths Leader and she has worked hard to improve standards throughout the school.
    3.  Mrs Paula McLaughlin provides admin support and although she has only been in our school since November 2017, she is well loved by the children.  Mrs McLaughlin moved to this area and has not worked in a school before.  However, she is working hard to provide quality support to our school.
    4.  Mrs Hilary Norman has worked as a cook at St Joseph’s for many years and is now supported by a kitchen assistant, as we have a growing number of children having a school lunch each day. 
    5.  Support from NYCC is provided by Ms Donna Kettle and we continue to work actively with the STAR Alliance to enhance outcomes for children in our school.


    1.  Our PTA is very active in raising funds.  They organised cake stalls, a quiz evening and the Christmas Fair to raise funds for our school.  They support us with events in school and work hard to provide funding for projects.  They are committed to helping us fund a fence and hedging around our school, as well as some redecoration in school.


    1.  We are grateful to the Parish for funding our Youth Minister, Mrs Joy O’Brien, from St Robert’s Parish in Harrogate.  Joy makes a huge difference to pupil enjoyment and learning in RE and many children now say this is their favourite lesson.
    2.  We have one Catholic teacher and two other teachers who are committed to teaching and modelling our faith.  One of our teaching assistants is Catholic and one is very interested in committing to the Catholic faith.  During this academic year two of our pupils have committed to the Catholic faith and we currently have two other pupils who are very interested in deepening their commitment to being Catholic.  Our staff have all participated in ‘Creative RE’ training and Collective Worship training with the Diocese.
    3.  David Barnes (Foundation Governor) has shown great commitment to our school by coming in weekly to play piano, which has greatly enhanced our singing and increased our repertoire of hymns.
    4.  We are now exploring ways to extend singing in our school and I have contacted the Diocese Music Service to investigate whether there is funding to provide choral singing for our older pupils, in addition to our Wednesday practices.
    5.  We have now established a Mini Vinnies group in school who are very active in charitable works and raising money for charity.  At Harvest Festival they took food to the Salvation Army and at Christmas they sang at their Christmas lunch.  We hope to develop their role to do more work with the Parish and to start this, they are helping with an Afternoon Tea at the end of June.
    6.  At Christmas we held a Carol Service in church, which was very well received by families and parishioners and we donated toys and funds to Catholic Care.  At Easter we performed ‘Resurrection Rock’ in church and raised an impressive £644.00, again for Catholic Care, which some of our pupils presented to the Bishop at the Good Shepherd Mass in St Anne’s Cathedral.  We are hoping that the Carol Service and an Easter production will become annual events in church.
    7.  Our families have been generous in supporting our fundraising activities this year and as well as our donations to Catholic Care, we have raised £40.00 for the Poppy Appeal, £82.00 for Children in Need and £118.00 for Sports Relief.  The Mini Vinnies are currently doing a copper collection to raise money for Martin House Children’s Hospice.
    8.  The Mayor of Tadcaster and Rev Sue Sheriff attended ‘Resurrection Rock’ and we are keen to include other churches and local people in our liturgies and events.  We are the only faith school in Tadcaster and we are committed to the local community.  Along with a group of parents, we participated in the Remembrance Day Service at the cenotaph, with a group of church leaders.  We have enjoyed a further visit from Rev Sue and Year 6 will attend a service at St Mary’s in July.  We also had a visit from Major Mike from the Salvation Army and he told the parable of the sick man through drama and story, which was very much enjoyed by the children.  We have made contact with the Methodist church and hope to have a visit from Rev Mark before the end of the summer term.
    9.  Father John has shown great commitment to our school and attends weekly Act of Worship on a Wednesday.  During Lent we went to weekly Mass in church and we have been attending Mass at least each half term during the academic year.  We have offered sacramental preparation for nine Y3 pupils who made their Act of Reconciliation and three pupils made their First Communion during this academic year.  Father John prepared two Year 6 pupils who were confirmed on Pentecost Sunday.


    1.  Teachers are very established and observations indicate that teaching is at least good in our school.  We have implemented a new writing scheme ‘The Write Stuff’ in response to an area for development from our Ofsted Inspection (January 2017).  We have updated our take-home reading books and will purchase a new comprehension scheme this year, to strengthen pupils’ inference and understanding of stories.  We are very grateful to Mr & Mrs Lodge as well as Mr & Mrs Walford, who regularly come and support our readers.  We would like to invite Parish members who would be interested in supporting reading or doing art or other activities to contact us.
    2.  We continue to access science resources from St Aidan’s High School, thanks to one of our Parent Governors and we have been very fortunate that Mr Walford is a STEM ambassador and he has shared his knowledge and skills in school by bringing along objects and investigations from the Tim Peake exhibition at the Railway Museum.  To meet our statutory requirements for modern foreign languages, one of our Parent Governors continues to teach French once a fortnight to Y3/4/5/6 and Year 2 have also enjoyed learning French.  A focus for us in the next academic year will be to broaden our creative curriculum with more emphasis on the arts, history, geography and computing.
    3.  We have utilised sports funding to employ specialist teachers from Castleford Tigers, who teach weekly PE and offer CPD to up-skill our own teachers.  However, in the next academic year we are investing in a new PE scheme and providing training for teachers and support staff to enable them to teach PE in school.  We will continue to employ coaches for particular skills, but regular PE training will be provided in school.  The children continue to enjoy weekly swimming lessons at Tadcaster Swimming pool, although we continue to struggle to get parents to pay for their child’s swimming lessons.
    4.  Our EYFS curriculum and provision continues to develop and we expect 77% to achieve a good level of development (GLD) with 31% exceeding GLD.  We expect 78% of Y1 pupils to make the required standard in the Phonics check.


    1.  Teacher assessment in Key stage 1 SATs indicates that 86% will meet age related expectations, with 42% above age related expectations in reading, writing and maths.  Key stage 2 SATs will be lower this year as one child did not take the test and two others have identified difficulties in reading or maths and, therefore, we expect 51% to meet the standard with 17% above ARE.  Percentages in small cohorts must always be treated with caution as in KS1 SATs one child is 14% and in KS2 SATs one child is 17%.


    1.  We started a new after school care service called ‘The PlayHub’ this year as a service to our working parents.   Due to staff costs we are not in profit yet, but it is paying for itself and provides a caring and fun environment for pupils after school.
    2.  As part of our membership of the Extended Services Group based at Tadcaster Grammar School we have participated in a range of sporting activities with other primary schools.  We continue to run a football team and this year we have a basketball team, who were very successful in their first tournament.
    3.  We have had a karate taster session, a cricket session and are awaiting a circus day.  Despite funding challenges we have run a wide range of clubs throughout this year:
    •  Dance, Drama, Art, Minecraft, cookery, magazine club
    •  Booster groups for SATs/homework club
    •  Gymnastics, tag rugby, tennis, football, netball and multi skills
    1.  The Pre-School offers a breakfast club every morning from 8.00 a.m.


    1.  As a school, we continue to buy into the North Yorkshire maintenance scheme which provides day to day repairs for the building, and for capital projects we work with contractors recommended by the Diocese.  Ground maintenance is provided by North Yorkshire County Council.
    2.  In this academic year we have renovated the KS2 cloakrooms and installed lockers, which were paid for with funds raised by our PTA.
    3.  We hope to re-decorate, update displays and re-carpet Class 3 during the summer holiday, then raise funds to re-decorate the corridors and the school hall.


    1.  Our younger pupils often use the local area to support their learning and have enjoyed exploring the riverbank, the market and the horses!  Y3-Y6 will visit the Countryside Day at the Great Yorkshire Showground and the whole school are visiting Lotherton Hall for an educational visit in July.
    2.  We are very grateful for the Parish support of our school, both financially and through contributions and participation in our school events and Masses.  We very much feel a part of St Joseph’s Parish and look forward to contributing to the 150th Anniversary preparations and events.
    3.  Thanks were extended to Mrs Young.



10. ST JOSEPH’S PRE-SCHOOL REPORT – No report was available, but Mrs Young said that of the 12 children starting at St Joseph’s School in September, 10 were coming into school through our Pre-School.


11. ST JOSEPH’S PTA REPORT – from the PPC meeting held 28 March:

11.01 Emma English, the PTA Chair’s report stated that earlier on in the year a Quiz Night had been held, by way of a social evening for parents.

11.02 The final total for the Christmas Fair was £1700.00.  With this, three activities were being arranged, two of which were about to take place (March) – a Disco at the half term and an Easter egg hunt.

11.03 Summer term plans are that there will be a Fete and school’s participation in the Tadcaster Carnival on Sunday, 22 July.




    1.  First, Father John said that a year on after taking on the additional parish at St Edward’s he wondered about the relationships here at St Joseph’s.  His experience has been that people have been very understanding and supportive of him and have been given the energy to walk the “extra mile” and parishioners and school have undertaken new responsibilities.
    2.  Secondly, Father John said that parishioners have most sincerely taken on these responsibilities for the parish and have not waited around to be asked and have just got with things and have been happy to participate and to do so with lots of flair and imagination, all of which is very positive.  And this positivity has been reflected in the liturgy where we draw our energy and what strikes visitors is that our parishioners are engaged in the worship at St Joseph’s, engaged in everything at church.  You cannot force this, it is a movement of the Holy Spirit.  Father John said that he experiences this at our Sunday Mass and with the children; he really has a sense of belonging and ownership and really appreciates how beautiful our community is.
    3.  Father John spoke about the strong links with St Joseph’s School and its outstanding Head, Mrs Young, whom he thanked on behalf of the parishioners for everything she does and said that we really appreciated her presence and how she has added something special to our parish.  He also thanked the Governing Body at the school who are all committed; and thanked Mary-Jane Murray, the Chair, who was present, for her vision of how the school should be and how to make it the best.
    4.  Turning to the financial side, Father John said that he was good at spending the money and, therefore had a definite need for someone like Anita Lewis – who took over when Sue Notley retired after handling our accounts for many years.  Anita in turn has been sterling in taking on the new OPAS financial system; submitting the reports to the Diocese in good time so that Father John receives appreciative letters about how we do things here at St Joseph’s.
    5.  Father John also thanked Mary Lowther who was present for the time spent over the years collecting in the red missionary boxes and counting out all the loose change.  There are parishes much larger than ours who do not raise as much as ours and this is due to Mary’s commitment over the years.  He also mentioned, church cleaners, our florists, readers and ministers of Holy Communion all there in abundance.  Also the financial support received from the bingo, Sunday morning teas and 52 Club which also contribute towards our income.  “Thank You” very much to everyone.
    6.  Father John also thanked Adam Tomlinson in his role as Chair; for being most supportive of him and for his sense of humour and energy, not forgetting Jacob Tomlinson for his contribution in getting the parish website into shape.
    7.  Finally Father John said that he is looking forward to the 150th Anniversary in 2019.  What a brainwave to get Deborah Welch and the team on board!  They set off running from the outset and are doing a wonderful job.




12.01 The present committee having served another two-year term, an election was due.  The present committee was duly re-elected as follows:

    •  President: Father John Newman
    •  Chair: Adam Tomlinson (Proposed: Deborah Welch, Seconded: Anita Lewis)
    •  Vice Chair: vacant
    •  Secretary: Kathy Walford (Proposed: Jean Tomlinson, Seconded: Mary Lowther)
    •  Members:
    •  Deborah Welch (Proposed: Alex O’Neil, Seconded: Ivy O’Neil)
    •  Mary-Jane Murray (Proposed: Bernard Walford, Seconded: Kathy Walford)
    •  Greg Lodge (Proposed: John Notley, Seconded: Ann Robertshaw)
    •  Ann Robertshaw (Proposed: Kath Higgins, Seconded: Kathy Walford)
    •  Anita Lewis (Proposed: Bernard Walford, Seconded: Helen Tomlinson)
    •  Bernard Walford (Proposed: Toni Linfoot, Seconded: Clare Linfoot)




    1.  No matters were raised.




Wednesday, 04 July 2018 at 7.00 p.m.




There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.