Holy Baptism

William John Louis Baptism

My Mummy and Daddy made the decision to start my journey of faith and on the 22nd January 2012 I celebrated my baptism at St Josephs Tadcaster. The service was conducted by Father Sean and I shared my special day with all my family and friends from near and afar. Everyone was made very welcome, all the excitement was very tiring and I fell asleep after I had been baptised. I wasn't asleep for long as my Mummy and Daddy had arranged a gathering across the road where I had lots of fun having cuddles from everyone. My Mummy and Daddy are very thankful to God for the gift of my life and with my Godparents accept the responsibility to bring me up in the practice of the faith.

If you would like to enquire about christening your child please contact the Parish Priest, Fr Newman  parishpriest@hotmail.com

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